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Ready to Design Your Dream Jewelry?

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Design Your Dream Jewelry: A Collaborative Masterpiece at Joseph Jewelry

At Joseph Jewelry, we believe creating the perfect piece of jewelry shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all process. We offer a collaborative and personalized design experience to ensure a stunning, high-end piece crafted to your exact specifications.

Expert Guidance, Seamless Communication: We pair you with a dedicated designer who becomes your partner in the creative journey. Share your vision and inspiration photos easily through our secure online messaging system, ensuring your ideas are clearly understood.

Flexibility for Your Vision: Design your dream piece from the comfort of your home or visit our Seattle or Bellevue showroom for a personalized experience.

From Inspiration to Reality: Whether you have a clear vision or need help sparking inspiration, our design journey starts with you. We work closely to refine your ideas and translate them into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece.

See it Before You Hold it: Experience the magic of 3D visualization! Before production begins, we'll create detailed 3D models so you can see your design come to life and make any adjustments for complete satisfaction.

Precision Meets Beauty: We utilize the latest design software and production technology to ensure your piece is crafted to the highest standards. The result? A timeless masterpiece that embodies your unique style and tells a story as special as you are.

Ready to begin your custom jewelry journey? Contact us today to connect with a designer and bring your dream piece to life!

Design Your Own Engagement Ring: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Custom Jewelry Design Process - Design Stage

    Inspiration & Design:

    Explore countless possibilities! Browse our extensive selection of samples or add styles you like to your online "Favorites" list.
    Get creative! Upload images or drawings directly to your design page and let our experts bring your vision to life.
    Budget-conscious customization: Once you've chosen your design, gemstones, and metal, we'll provide a personalized estimate. We can often adjust material grades to fit your budget without compromising quality.

  2. Custom Jewelry Design Process - CAD Stage

    3D CAD Modeling

    See your ring come to life! Upon receiving your down payment, a Joseph Jewelry artisan will create a stunning 3D model of your initial design.
    Perfection through revision: This is your chance to refine your vision. We encourage you to make changes until you're completely satisfied. All adjustments at this stage are included in your original estimate, as long as they stay within the initial design parameters.

  3. Custom Jewelry Design Process - Render Stage

    High-Resolution Rendering

    Visualize your masterpiece! We'll create computer-rendered images of your 3D model, showcasing your chosen metal and gemstones (if applicable). These images can be emailed, posted to your online design account, or viewed in person at our store.
    Final approval: Once you've finalized all design adjustments and reviewed the rendered images, we'll request your final approval of the 3D model.

  4. Custom Jewelry Design Process - Wax Stage

    Wax Prototype & Refinement

    Experience the real thing (almost)! After your approval, we'll utilize cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create a full-size wax replica of your ring. This technology allows for incredibly intricate details, ensuring the highest level of precision.
    Perfection in your hands: You're welcome to visit our store or have us ship your wax prototype anywhere in the world. This physical model allows you to experience the exact size and details of your soon-to-be masterpiece.

  5. Custom Jewelry Design Process - Production Stage

    Flawless Beauty: Advanced Casting Technology for a Perfect Ring

    Strength & Brilliance Guaranteed: Joseph Jewelry utilizes a state-of-the-art computerized casting machine with an argon-gas vacuum chamber. This advanced technology ensures exceptional quality for your ring.

    • The chamber removes all oxygen using a powerful vacuum.
    • Argon gas replaces the oxygen, creating a controlled environment for casting.
    • This eliminates porosity, tiny air bubbles that can weaken the metal and affect the ring's brilliance.

    The result? A flawless, stronger ring that will sparkle for a lifetime.

    Throughout this process, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. We want you to be completely thrilled with your one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a symbol of your love story.


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