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Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Jewelry

As a trusted member of the community and a producer and seller of jewelry, Joseph Jewelry takes its responsibility to carry only ethically sourced materials very seriously. We have strong principles we have followed since we first started buying jewelry and strive to ensure our integrity and commitment to excellence in quality and the transparency needed for you to trust in what we do is never compromised.

When it comes to procurement of precious metals and stones, manufacturing of new jewelry and distribution of that jewelry through our store and to our customers, we strive to ensure all materials are 100% conflict free.

What Does Conflict Free Mean?

Precious metals and stones are mined under often horrible conditions around the globe. Environmentally and socially, irresponsible mining operations have an immensely negative impact on the regions in which they operate. To be conflict free means a stone or metal must come from an operation in a region that is free of all violence. In many cases, diamond mines are used to fund and sustain lengthy, violent wars. The same level of violence can occur even in countries that are not currently at war and for a diamond or any precious metal or stone to be truly conflict free, it must be sourced from a country and mining operation free of any such taint.

To ensure the diamonds and other precious metals and stones used in our jewelry are 100% ethical and conflict free, we use third party confirmation services that go beyond the Kimberley Process - which only ensures that a stone is not mined or sold to finance an ongoing war or rebel movement. To be truly conflict free it must be free of the taint of violence, extreme poverty, child labor and exploitation of workers and harm to the environment.

Getting the Quality You Expect

Purchasing a diamond from a conflict free region does not mean you will need to compromise on quality. Diamond quality from mines in Canada, Botswana or Namibia is extremely high and there are enough options to ensure you can choose one that matches your desires and budget. We also work closely with third party suppliers to utilize recycled metals and stones in our jewelry to minimize the need for new mining operations that can contribute to the cost of conflict-zone operations.