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What is Diamond Symmetry?

A good diamond cut is determined by the stone cutter’s ability to create useful facets that perform to full potential. Symmetry is crucial in these facets.

Symmetry refers to the exactness of the shape of a diamond, specifically the symmetrical arrangement and exact placement of the facets. Symmetry is a portion of the cut under the category of craftsmanship because it is a factor determined by the diamond cutter.

How is symmetry graded?

Symmetry is graded as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor. These grades are independently assigned under 10x magnification by unbiased gemologists, and the concluding grade is drawn from their assessments. The features are divided as either proportion-related or facet-related. Unfortunately, since symmetry is a game of angles and proportions, if one section is not symmetrical, that section is likely to affect the symmetry of another section.

The symmetry grade is usually found on certificates next to polish.

How does symmetry affect value?

Symmetry is an important factor of cut. Light will interact differently with the diamond or gemstone if the symmetry is off. Do not settle for a low grade of symmetry.

Symmetry is part of the criteria for Triple Excellent and Super Ideal diamonds. These rare diamonds are the highest quality in cut.

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