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Looking for a good, strong metal for your custom designed jewelry in Seattle and Bellevue? Give titanium a try. Titanium rings are relatively durable and have a long life span, which is one reason why so many men choose them as wedding bands. The truth is that titanium jewelry in general has grown massively in popularity in recent years. Titanium has a unique tone to it and is available in a wide range of colors, and titanium rings can be found in many different styles as well.

Titanium Ring Styles

To start off, let's take a look at some of the more popular types of titanium ring styles:

Classic Rings

Classic titanium rings are ideal in the construction of men's wedding bands and are also a good idea for women's jewelry. Classic rings tend to give off a very neutral shade that blends well with a lot of other jewelry and clothing. If you are shopping for men's rings then you should definitely consider a classic titanium ring.

Textured Rings

Textured titanium rings are also a popular style these days since they can be enhanced with a variety of braids, etchings, and grooves. This amount of visual versatility makes them ideal for people who want a stylish and good looking final product. Whenever these titanium rings are styled, lasers are used to engrave the designs.

Colored Rings

Titanium rings can be anodized. This is a process which changes the color of the metal. You can choose from titanium jewelry in green, black, blue, orange, purple, yellow, and even pink. As you can see, there are many options and this simply adds another layer of customization to your titanium jewelry selection.

Gemstone Titanium Jewelry

Titanium jewelry with diamonds or gemstones is also quite popular today. Gemstones can be added to almost any piece of titanium jewelry and this provides for a very unique and eye-catching style – and one that is hard to replicate. Plus, the gemstones provide the jewelry with a more traditional look which allows it to blend in well with other jewelry of similar nature. When shopping for titanium jewelry, search for pieces with rubies, sapphires, or diamonds as they tend to be the nicest and highest quality.

Two-Toned Jewelry

Two-toned jewelry is basically titanium jewelry that is mixed with a variety of different metals. Precious metals, like gold and silver, can be used to decorate various aspects of different titanium jewelry pieces. The final look is often one that insinuates luxury, and it is great for people who are on a budget. Finally, one of the more popular styles of titanium jewelry is unique rings that are constructed from this precious metal. Titanium rings, along with all jewelry for that matter, are as valuable as the craftsmanship used to make them. Whenever you find a piece of titanium jewelry that has been carefully hand crafted, you'll have one that is of very high value as well as one that will look good on any occasion and hold up well for you over the years.