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Lab-Created Diamonds

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What are lab-created diamonds?

Diamonds, the most venerated of precious jewels, are an excellent example of the beauty that nature creates. Lab grown gemstones are created when people replicate the conditions under which these gems form in nature to create man-made gems. A lab-created gemstone is a beautiful alternative to natural diamonds. They are optically, chemically, and physically identical to natural diamonds.

How are they made?

Diamonds are formed when carbon is put under great pressure. Attempts to make diamonds in a lab began in the 1800’s with cheap carbon and intense heat and pressure to imitate the role that the Earth plays in the process.

Today, the processes have been refined to create virtually identical specimens using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), high temperature high pressure (HTHP) and other technologies. The diamond starts from a carbon “seed”, and grows through natural crystallization from there.

They are cut and polished into beautiful gems in the same facility. The diamond cutters are some of the top in the industry, with a repertoire of awards and distinctions in diamond cutting.

Finally, the diamond is graded and given a certificate from a verified, unbiased lab, and the full value will be included in your complimentary appraisal from Joseph Jewelry.


Another huge advantage to lab-created diamonds is that they eliminate the need to seek gems in the natural world as well as all of the dangers associated with that process. Diamonds are naturally found beneath the Earth’s surface, which can be very dangerous for the workers who undertake this venture. Choosing lab-created guarantees your gem will be conflict-free.

Additionally, choosing a lab grown diamond is environmentally friendly. Mining diamonds requires moving massive amounts of earth and disrupting entire ecosystems. A diamond created in a laboratory guarantees your diamond will not be a part of that cycle.


One primary advantage of lab-created diamonds is the initial lower cost for consumers. These man-made gems are offered for a fraction of the price of natural stones. This allows buyers to own a gemstone that looks, feels, and has the same composition as the real thing without having to also deal with the hefty price tag attached to natural diamonds. However, there is a caveat to this price: lab grown diamonds will not hold their value over time because they are flooding the market. Natural diamonds may come at a slightly higher price tag, but they hold their value, and may actually increase their value over time.

For some, these stones, although popular as a natural diamond alternative, are still not as revered as the real stones that come complete with inclusions. The continued love for real gemstones is buried in history and gem tradition, and for many, lab-created stones are just not the same as natural diamonds, but for others, lab diamonds are an optimistic symbol of the future.

Design Your Own

At Joseph Jewelry, we work directly with the top diamond laboratories in the country to make sure you get exactly the diamond you want. We can source a variety of different sizes, cuts, and shapes for lab grown diamonds. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your diamond.

Ultimately, a diamond is one of the most beautiful gemstones you will find. It is the top choice for engagement rings because of its spectacular beauty and stunning durability. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have seen many lab diamonds, and we know the high quality that can be produced. A lab grown diamond will be gorgeous in any ring and we will source the best diamond for you.

Lab-Created Versus Simulated

Lab grown (also called lab-created, or synthetic) diamonds are, by definition, stones that not only look like the real thing but have the same mineral composition as natural diamonds. To create these in-lab jewels, scientists study the chemical composition and natural formation process of real gems. They then re-create the process in the lab with the same materials as exist in nature. There is one small difference, however -- man-made stones may not have inclusions and other imperfections that natural stones have.

If you request a lab grown diamond, the gem described above is what you will receive. It has the same chemical composition as a natural diamond, so it has the same hardness and is graded by the same attributes. The difference is it was created above ground by scientists instead of below ground by natural elements.

In research, you may see the term “simulated”. Simulated stones are also made in a laboratory, but are different than lab grown. They are not categorized as lab-created because they are made with a different process and have a different composition than their natural counterparts. These imitation stones are merely a mirage made to look like diamonds, but are not structurally the same. They do not have the same density and often do not feel the same to touch. Cubic zirconia, which imitates the look of a diamond, is one commonly simulated gemstone.