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The Star 129 Diamond

Star nted Star 129 cut was born. It took the combined efforts of Star 129's leading experts to develop this cut and ensure it lives up to the highest sta129 Diamonds have 129 facets in its patented cut.

The idea to develop the Star 129 was born back in the year 2000. The idea was to develop a cut that would be visually different from the 58-facet diamond. It was in this spirit that the 129 facets of the patendard of perfection.

The creation of the Star 129 was possible thanks to their unique expertise and access to state-of-the-art cutting and polishing technology. Most diamonds are cut by hand which leaves them subject to human error. Star 129 diamonds are created by the latest laser cutting, enabling them to deliver most sizes, qualities and quantities with a brilliance never achieved before.

Star 129 Chart

Consider how technology has changed in the last decade. Smaller but faster computers, flat screen televisions, cameras in cell phones, the list goes on. Round diamonds have been cut by the same formula developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in the early 1900's. Only recently has technology proven that it's the interplay of multiple facets and not ideal proportions that create maximum brilliance in a diamond. Experiments showed that below 100 facets a discernible difference was not easily visible to the naked eye. Tests also showed that above 150 facets there was a negative impact on the overall brilliance of the diamond. Research shows that no facets should be added to the crown. The star 129 has 71 more pavilion facets than the conventional diamond allowing for the greatest dispersion of light.

The Star 129 has more opportunities to shine than other diamonds because it is based on a complex geometrical formula, which gives an incredible brilliance never achieved before. Few diamonds are cut to such exacting standards, setting it apart from other diamonds claiming superior quality.

We have sound ways to combine traditional know how with state-of-the-art technology, making the Star 129 a diamond for the 21st century.

Star 129 Light Performance Analysis

All Star 129 diamonds ½ carat and up come with a light performance report and certification.

We offer the following:

  1. EGL (European Gemelogical Laboratory) mini certification with a GemEx Brilliance Report
  2. GIA (Gemelogical Institute of America) certification with a GemEx Brilliance Report
  3. GIL(Gem International Laboratories) certification all conclusive with certification, brilliance report and cut grade.

Brilliance reports measure the 3 components of sparkle.