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Pearl Restringing

Whether you just want to have your old pearl necklace or bracelet cleaned and restrung, or you want us to create something a little different, our experts are up to the task. We can work on all kinds of pearl restringing projects, and we'll return your jewelry to you in like-new condition every time.

Process Overview

The last thing you want is for your pearl necklace or bracelet to break, in which case you would run the risk of losing pearls. That's why it's a good idea to have your pieces restrung from time to time. This process is quick and straightforward for our skilled craftsmen, although we do always take care to account for the particulars of each piece.

  1. The first thing we do on any pearl restringing project is to take all of the pearls off the old string and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Next, we run the new string through the piece, taking care to place a knot between each pearl. This is especially important because it helps prevent the loss of multiple pearls if the string does break for some reason.
  3. Finally, we'll reconnect the old clasp or put on a new one, depending on your preference.

A New Look

While we can always restring the pearls in your piece exactly as they were before, we can also create a new design for you if you're in the mood to mix things up a bit. Our skilled artisans bring many years of experience to the table, and they can add some custom metalwork designs or adjust the placement of the pearls to reflect a pattern of your choice.

Even if you're not exactly sure what you'd like your finished piece to look like, our professionals will work with you to develop a design that matches your style. We have many years of experience designing and crafting custom jewelry, and that means we can produce beautiful pieces that perfectly reflect your individual style.

Other Repairs

In addition to restringing your pearls, we can also repair or replace clasps that have been damaged or that are simply beginning to wear out. Just as the integrity of the string holding your pearls is important, so is that of the clasp keeping your jewelry in place.

If you have a simple clasp, we'll have no trouble replacing it. And if you instead have a specialty clasp with gemstones or other custom design work, we'll repair the functional parts without damaging or altering the design of the piece.