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Super Fit Rings

Ideally, you'd like your ring to fit just snug enough on your finger that it doesn't spin, but loosely enough that it can slide on and off over your knuckle with only slight effort. For many people, getting this type of fit is simply a matter of measuring their finger and having their ring adjusted to the proper size.

But for people with larger knuckles relative to their finger circumference, getting the right fit is a bit easier said than done. In their case, a ring that fits comfortably over the knuckle would spin too much when in place, while a ring that fit the finger properly would be impossible to get on and off. Fortunately, we offer super fit rings to address just this type of problem.

Before - Super Fit Rings
Before - Super Fit Rings
After - Super Fit Rings
After - Super Fit Rings

What Are Super Fit Rings?

A super fit ring is basically a ring that opens and closes like a bracelet or watch band, allowing you to slide it into place before securing it. That means it can sit snugly on your finger, and you still have the flexibility to get it over your knuckles quickly and easily.

New Builds

If you're in the market for a new ring and these types of issues sound familiar to you, we'll be glad to build a new custom super fit ring for you from the ground up. Our expert jewelers can create a new custom super fit ring in any style and size, and our design team will work with you to ensure the piece we produce is exactly what you wanted in every way.

Modifications to Existing Rings

Of course, you may already have quite a few rings that you're unable to wear, and we can help you reclaim these as well. Our skilled craftsmen will take the band out of your existing ring and work a super fit band into place, all while preserving the original gemstones and other design elements.

Size and Metal Options

We can make super fit rings in a variety of metals and in a range of widths to help ensure we can make the perfect ring to suit your tastes. White, yellow, and rose gold are options, as are platinum and palladium. And whether you prefer a thin, delicate band or a wider, more substantial one, we can accommodate you there as well.