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Channel Repair

When you have beautiful fine jewelry, you want to display it to the world. That is what it's for, after all. But wearing your jewelry also exposes it to various hazards and forces that can cause different types of damage, including the thinning of the channels holding your gemstones in place.

When this occurs, the setting may no longer be strong enough, and you can begin to lose gems. Whether your stones have actually begun to fall out or you just noticed that they're a little loose, our experts can help by providing professional channel repair. We'll restore your channel setting to its original strength, and tighten all gemstones to ensure they stay properly in place so you can continue wearing your favorite pieces without worry.

Process Overview

Regardless of the extent of the wear your piece is exhibiting, we can complete quality channel repair without changing the overall appearance of your piece at all. We'll take all of the individual features of your piece into account as we proceed, but the general steps we follow for every custom channel repair remain the same to ensure you receive the highest possible quality service.

  1. The first thing we'll do on any channel repair job is to assess the amount of damage and check the security of all gemstones in the piece.
  2. Next, we'll match the metal both in color and quality to ensure a seamless look once the process is complete.
  3. We take that metal match and form it into a wire, that we can then work into the piece.
  4. To attach the new metal, we use laser technology to integrate it seamlessly into the piece.
  5. Finally, we'll refinish and polish the piece to have it looking like new for you.

State-of-the-Art Technology

To complete this type of channel repair, we make use of state-of-the-art laser technology, which allows us to direct intense heat only on the precise spots where it's needed. Many types of gemstones can be damaged by heat, and so with these lasers, we can work in close proximity to the gems in your piece without harming them at all.

In the hands of our expert craftsmen, these laser tools ensure that you will get your jewelry back with a fully restored channel setting, and there will be no sign whatsoever of the work that we did.

Gemstone and Metal Matching

If you did lose any gemstones due to a deteriorating channel setting, we'll reset them for you or source replacements that match your existing stones. We also have the skills and knowledge required to identify the composition of the metal used in your piece so we can match it exactly during the repair process.

And all of this means that you get your favorite piece of jewelry back looking even better than the day you bought it, so you can show it off once again without worry.