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Laser Welding for Gold, Silver, and Platinum

All of our artisans have many years of experience creating and repairing fine custom jewelry, and that enables us to provide superior service to all of our clients. But we also make sure to couple their skill and expertise with the latest technological tools available to ensure you receive the best repair services possible no matter what you need us to do for you.

One example of this is the laser we employ for all jobs involving welding of gold, silver, or platinum. The precision of this tool makes it possible for us to complete these types of repairs without endangering any of the gemstones or other custom details in the piece.

Process Overview

Depending on the type of repair job we're undertaking and the particulars of the piece we're working on, we'll follow different specific procedures. But in general, we take care to complete these steps with all custom repair jobs.

  1. The first thing we do when we're preparing to laser weld any type of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry is to clean and inspect it thoroughly. This enables us to see exactly what we're dealing with, and to uncover any potential issues that may exist in addition to the main complaint that instigated the repair.
  2. Next, we'll determine if any metal needs to be added to the piece, as is required for things like prong re-tipping or ring resizing.
  3. If we do need to add metal, we'll identify the composition of the metal in the piece and then match it exactly.
  4. We'll then line up any ends that need to be welded together, and we'll target the laser precisely on only those areas directly involved in the connection.
  5. Once all welding has been completed, we'll recheck gemstones to make sure they're still tight in their settings and undamaged from the heat.
  6. Finally, we'll refinish and polish your piece, so it will look just like the day you bought it when you get it back.

Benefits of Lasers

While there are other welding tools that can be used on jewelry, lasers offer an unprecedented level of precision. They do this by heating only the specific spot they're directed at and none of the surrounding areas, which makes it possible to complete even the most intricate repairs without damaging heat-sensitive gemstones or other design elements.

Practical Applications

The types of jobs that require laser welding of gold, silver, and platinum are many and varied. They include ring resizing, jump ring replacement, clasp repair and replacement, prong re-tipping and replacement, and repair of custom filigree. So no matter what type of welding service you need, our experts have the skills and tools to do the job right the first time.