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Gemstone Repair and Polishing

The gemstones in your rings or other pieces of fine jewelry are likely the most eye-catching elements included, and maintaining their sparkle is vital to ensuring the enduring beauty of the piece. But just like anything else, they can become damaged, scratched, or broken over time due to an accident or simply normal wear and tear.

In order to keep your piece looking like new, we offer comprehensive stone repair and polishing services to address any issues you may have with the gemstones included. The stones in rings in particular are especially vulnerable to damage, as your hands are constantly coming into contact with all kinds of surfaces that could potentially cause damage.

Before - Gemstone Restore
Before - Gemstone Restore
After - Gemstone Restore
After - Gemstone Restore

Process Overview

Whether you need a small chip in your stone repaired, or you want to take an older stone and have it recut to create a more modern look, our expert jewelers are up to the task. We'll take all unique elements of your piece into account when working on it, but in general, the process we follow for all of these types of jobs is as follows.

  1. First, we'll assess your gemstones to determine if there was material lost and how best to go about restoring the stone's original appearance.
  2. Next, our gem cutter will resurface the damaged area by shaving away layers from the gem evenly from every angle. This ensures that the symmetry of the stone is preserved at the same time that the original shape is recovered.
  3. Once the proper shape is achieved and all signs of damage have been removed, we'll re-polish the stone so it shines like new.

Restoring and Reshaping

There are several situations in which you may want to come to us for gemstone repair and reshaping services. While damage is the most common reason, you may also simply want to change the shape of an existing stone, which is something our experts can accomplish with ease.

If you're trying to modernize an older piece of jewelry, one great way to go about it is to adjust the cut of the gemstones to a more modern variety. Different types of cuts have gone in and out of fashion over the years, and so you may find that a piece you love incorporates an outdated style that you'd like to update. Or you may want to give a new piece a bit of antique flair by resurrecting an older style cut, which is something we can do for you as well.