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Replace Prongs

Sometimes one or more prongs in a ring or other piece of fine jewelry will be damaged or worn to the point that they need to be replaced. This is a highly technical process, and it's one that our experts have extensive experience in. We'll replace as many prongs as necessary to ensure the integrity of your piece and the security of your gemstones, and we'll return it to you as good as new.

Before - Replacing Prongs
Before - Replacing Prongs
After - Replacing Prongs
After - Replacing Prongs

Process Overflow

While every repair job will involve a slightly different set of challenges, we follow the same general process steps for each piece in order to ensure the highest quality of work every time.

  1. The first thing we do for any prong replacement project is to thoroughly clean and inspect the piece. That way, we can see exactly what we're working with and whether or not any additional prongs will require our attention.
  2. Next, we remove the old prong at its base, and then drill in to create an attachment point for the new prong.
  3. We then add a new wire and shape it appropriately to take the place of the old prong and also to maintain the integrity of the piece.
  4. Once the new prong is in place, we'll check all gemstones to ensure they're secure, and we'll complete any additional steps to restore the piece to its original condition.

Re-tipping vs Replacing

In general, damage or excessive wear on the prongs in your jewelry will require either re-tipping or replacement. There are various factors that will influence the decision about whether to re-tip or replace, and our experts can help you make that determination based on knowledge accumulated through their many years of experience with this type of work.

Re-tipping is generally best in cases where the prong has been worn down through years of regular wear until it isn't thick enough to perform its required functions anymore. Replacement is required when damage has been done that compromises the integrity of the setting and the security of the stone.

Gemstone Considerations

Because many gemstones can be damaged by exposure to heat, we use highly focused lasers to complete all steps in the prong replacement process. This allows us to direct the heat precisely where it's needed, while avoiding damage to gemstones or other features of the piece.

Finishing Touches

When we say we'll return your item to you as good as new, we mean it. So once we're finished with prong replacement, we'll also re-plate your piece if necessary, and we'll then refinish it to restore its original look completely.