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Gemstone Search

Select the perfect gemstone for your custom jewelry piece. Joseph Jewelry specializes in fine gemstones and only carries the highest of qualities.


The type of gemstone refers to its mineral category and composition. There are several different types of gemstones and many are available in more than one color. Each type of gem has a different hardness and durability level, so some varieties are more suited to daily wear than others.



Gemstone shape refers to the outside appearance and angles of the stone. This is different than the cut. Joseph Jewelry currently carries the following gemstone shapes:

  • Round Diamond Button Round
  • Princess Diamond Button Princess
  • Emerald Diamond Button Emerald
  • Asscher Diamond Button Asscher
  • Cushion Diamond Button Cushion
  • Radiant Diamond Button Radiant
  • Marquise Diamond Button Marquise
  • Oval Diamond Button Oval
  • Pear Diamond Button Pear
  • Heart Diamond Button Heart


There is an array of colors to choose from when shopping for a gemstone. Some gems are a mix of two colors, such as blue-green. Select multiple colors in the filter to view a wider range of colors. Gems can also be labeled by their hue, tone, and saturation.



Specify your desired value range or budget cap. Feel free to contact a designer if you would like our team to source multiple gemstones in your value range and color range to compare and choose from.



Carat is the unit used to measure the weight of a gemstone. When shopping for a gemstone other than diamond, it is critical to also compare the measurements of the stone to judge the size because different gem varieties have different mass, since they are created from different mineral material. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams (0.2 grams).

1/4 Carat Diamond 1/3 Carat Diamond 1/2 Carat Diamond 3/4 Carat Diamond 1 Carat Diamond 1 1/2 Carat Diamond 2 Carat Diamond 3 Carat Diamond
1/2 1/3 3/4 1 1 1/2 2 3


This measures the length (long side) of the gemstone. Dimension is important for gemstones because the mass of a gem varies for each mineral family. Therefore, sometimes dimension is a more accurate measurement of size than carat weight.

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