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Ring Resizing

We change over the years, and fortunately our jewelry can change with us thanks to professional ring resizing services from Joseph Jewelry. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert techniques allow us to adjust the fit of your ring until it's just right. Our skilled artisans bring many years of experience working with fine jewelry to the table, so you can be sure your piece is in the best possible hands.

Whether your wedding ring is feeling a little loose or a little tight all of a sudden, or you want to have an old family heirloom ring adjusted so that you or a loved one can wear it, we have the skills and experience to deliver exactly what you need.

Process Overview

There are several steps in the resizing process, and each is carried out precisely by one of our professional craftsmen. We also use only advanced laser technology, which enables us to focus the heat on the specific area of the ring we need to work on for resizing purposes.

  1. The first step in the resizing process is to cut the bottom of the shank, which is where we will insert or remove material, depending on whether we're taking the size up or down.
  2. Next, we work in the new material or remove the excess, and then check to make sure the ring is properly sized.
  3. Once that's done, we check all gemstones to make sure they're still secure in their settings.
  4. The final step in the process is to restore the ring to its original appearance, and we accomplish this in a variety of ways depending on the types of features the ring has.

Gemstone Considerations

One significant concern involved in ring resizing is that the heat used can adversely affect any gemstones present, either directly or by loosening the setting holding the stone. The lasers we use for cutting and reforming of the ring allow us to avoid gemstone-related complications because they let us focus the heat precisely where we need it without impacting nearby areas.

Despite this, we still check every gemstone in the ring following a resizing just to make sure nothing has become loose. If we do find a loose setting, we'll sure it up so that we return the ring to you in perfect condition.

Engraving Restoration

While many rings don't contain much detail at the bottom of the shank, some may include custom engraving or some other features that can be impacted by the resizing process. Once the ring has been reconnected and the size confirmed, we'll restore all custom engraving to match whatever was there previously so there is no mark from the resizing process left on the ring.

Final Appearance

Any ring we resize will be returned to you in brand new condition. Once all technical details and gemstones have been attended to, we'll re-plate the ring if necessary, and then polish it so it's ready to go right back on your finger the second you pick it up.