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Recycled Metals

Recycled Materials

Joseph Jewelry is committed to clean, renewable processes to produce and bring high quality jewelry to our customers. We do this by ensuring every ounce of precious metals we use in our custom jewelry is from non-mined sources, taken from recycled jewelry and precious metals.

Why Recycled Materials?

In countries around the globe, mining conditions continue to languish, putting human workers at risk, funding wars and violent regimes and having immensely negative impacts on the earth due to long dated mining practices. Mining is immensely destructive, especially for precious metals with nearly 20 tons of ore produced and refined to extract enough gold for a single setting. Combined with the chemicals used in the mining process or produced as a byproduct that can contaminate water supplies nearby, mining is often a dangerous, dirty business.

The result is in industry in which it is hard for you, as a consumer, to know for sure that the jewelry you buy meets certain moral and environmental standards. Joseph Jewelry is dedicated to sustainability and to giving you the peace of mind needed to know that any jewelry you buy is safe, environmentally sound and not linked to dangerous mining conditions.

Hand Picked Suppliers and Strict Guidelines

Many jewelers make promises about the sustainability of their products, but Joseph Jewelry goes above and beyond by hand picking the suppliers we partner with. We carefully inspect and check that each company we partner with is certified in using recycled materials and has a strong track record for following the industry’s strictest standards.

Certification is provided by the third party certifier and sustainability expert, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). For years SCS has been a trusted third-party resource for jewelers and consumers alike wanting to ensure that the jewelry they buy is recycled and sustainable.

Having a Positive Impact on the Future of Our Planet

When you purchase jewelry from Joseph Jewelry produced with recycled materials, you do your part to reduce the demand for new gold supplies and to ensure there is no benefit to dirty, destructive mining practices. We work closely with each of our suppliers as well as our customers to ensure jewelry can be enjoyed for decades to come - whether you are purchasing a new setting that you want to ensure is made with recycled materials or you are interested in recycling your own old jewelry.