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When you’re looking for a good alternative metal at our custom design jeweler in Seattle and Bellevue, consider tungsten.

A big part of the equation that determines a tungsten ring’s value is the amount of labor involved in making it. The more work someone puts into each piece of tungsten jewelry, the more valuable it will become. There are many different things to look for when you’re trying to differentiate a low quality piece of tungsten jewelry from a high quality piece, and understanding these can help you get the perfect piece to suit your needs and match your budget.

What to Watch Out For

When talking about the quality of a piece of tungsten jewelry, we are really talking about the design and the craftsmanship. For example, let’s take a look at rings. If the thickness of a ring is 2.5 mm or more, this is an indication that the manufacturer was attempting to cut corners by not grinding down the metal to the appropriate level. A high quality tungsten ring will typically measure around 2.3 mm or less in thickness.

Measuring Tungsten Ring Thickness

Whenever you measure the thickness of a tungsten ring, you should start from the inside of the ring and stop at the highest point on the outside of the band. If the ring has a dome shape, then you will start on the highest outside point and measure it from there. Tungsten rings that are high quality will usually be no thicker than 2.3 mm. In order to maintain a proper comfort level for the wearer, tungsten rings in very small sizes are usually thinner than this. Manufactures that produce high quality tungsten jewelry will always pay very close attention to the thickness of a tungsten ring. For example, if a ring is a size 12 and has a thickness of 2.3 mm, then it will feel comfortable. Likewise, a size 6 ring with the same thickness may feel too thick, due to the ratio of thickness to size and the weight that comes with that thickness.


Another common feature that you should look for in tungsten jewelry is asymmetry. More specifically, how does one side of the jewelry look in comparison to the other? Are they exactly the same? Is the piece the same thickness, weight, and size on both sides? Again, these aren’t questions that you will be able to answer after a cursory glance every time, but they are things that you should consider.

Low quality tungsten jewelry will usually lack symmetry. If the piece of jewelry you’re considering is lacking symmetry in any way, you may want to consider choosing another piece. More times than not, lack of asymmetry is due to the manufacturer using machinists who have not yet gained the experience required to produced fine jewelry.

Final Thoughts

If the edges around a tungsten ring feel sharp, then chances are good that the producers skipped a very crucial step in the finishing process. With rings, sharp edges can gradually irritate the skin and cause other problems that make them uncomfortable to wear. Tungsten is an excellent metal for rings and other type of jewelry, but because it has gained popularity so quickly, there are a lot of poor quality products out there. Be sure to examine your piece carefully before you purchase it and you should have no trouble finding just the right piece of tungsten jewelry for any occasion.