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Rose Gold

Among all the gold alloys used at our custom design jeweler in Seattle and Bellevue, rose gold remains one of the biggest. Rose gold is a precious metal that boasts a distinctive, rosy coloration. It is often referred to as “pink gold” or “red gold”, depending on the particular intensity of the red hue. During the Victorian era, this metal was extremely popular. Today, not much has changed and people from all over the world demand rose gold for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of popular uses for rose gold.

Rose Gold Rings

To begin, rose gold is often used in jewelry and more specifically, used to produce rings. These rings come in all shapes and sizes and range from engagement rings to wedding rings and everything in between. Most gold rose rings range from 11 karat gold to 17 karat gold. The smaller the karat, the more reddish the overall tone will appear (since there is more copper in the alloy in low karat pieces).

Rose Gold Pendants

If you aren’t attracted to the idea of wearing a rose gold ring then don’t worry, there are many more kinds of jewelry that can be produced using this metal. In fact, the majority of pendants are made from rose gold. Pendants are basically bits of jewelry that are brought together and suspected from a cord or chain necklace. Pendants produced from gold rose metal come in an assortment of styles, sizes, and shapes. These styles can range from bold hearts to dainty disks. And as with gold rings, pendants will typically have the same karat structure. Not only do they look trendy, but pendants are a great rose gold alternative for people who don’t like rings.

Jewelry Components

There are many other jewelry components that can be produced by using rose gold. These components include earring posts, earring wires, links, chains, and even mountings for rings. Some of these components can be combined with other precious metals, like silver or platinum, and even gemstones. As you can see, rose gold has been used throughout history. It has been an enduring symbol of fashion and people have been willing to pay a lot of money for it over the years. And let’s not forget that everything from picture frames to plates have been produced using rose gold. It isn’t purely for jewelry, but that is where it makes its biggest impact. Not only do people love it because of its unique look, but rose gold is very durable and can serve you well for many, many years.