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Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstones are stones that do not fall into the very select category of precious stones. But don’t let the negative connotation fool you. Semi-precious stones hold their own quite well in today’s jewel market. In fact, these jewels have out-performed precious stones for several decades, and have been included in many fine pieces made by our custom design jeweler in Seattle and Bellevue.

Over a hundred gemstones are labeled as semi-precious. Most birthstones, with the exclusion of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, are part of the semi-precious lot. Organic stones such as amber and pearls are also semi-precious.

What Makes Them Semi-Precious

Precious stones have been sought after throughout history because they were exotic and hard to find. As with the idea of supply and demand, a diamond costs more and is more revered because it is not in high supply. Historically, the hard-to-find diamond was a common symbol of royalty and wealth. This classic ideal, along with more discoveries of diamonds throughout the world, has led these precious stones to popularity today as the preferred choice for engagement rings.

Throughout history, semi-precious gemstones have appeared more often in the natural world and so are more readily available in the market. This means their price is usually lower and more people can afford to buy them. Although semi-precious stones are not as revered, these jewels still have a major impact on the jewel market. Since more jewelry is being bought today than ever before, semi-precious stones hold a significant place in the world of jewels.

Amethysts were once considered among precious stones, as they were difficult to procure. But with exploration into South America and the discovery of vast amounts of amethyst on that continent, this now semi-precious stone has lost its exotic status. With the world seemingly growing smaller, one might wonder if any of the four remaining precious stones could also become more abundant, and therefore semi-precious.

Advantages of Buying Semi-Precious

Semi-precious stones present two major advantages to consumers over precious stones. First, since they are more readily available, the cost of most semi-precious gemstones is lower than that for precious stones such as emeralds and diamonds. This lower cost makes them more available to the masses. Since these stones are usually cheaper, it is possible to consider paying more for a custom setting that will let a larger stone properly exhibit its beauty.

Second, there is a huge variety of semi-precious stones. This array allows buyers to show their own personality through many different beautiful stones. Perhaps one day you might feel like royalty and only a gorgeous amethyst will do, but the next day you are feeling very open and friendly and prefer your favorite jade necklace.

Sure, anyone might have a diamond engagement ring, but the beautiful blue of an Aquamarine stone might match your fiancé’s eyes perfectly. Or perhaps the glow of an amber stone might evoke the warm personality of the wearer. Since the cost of semi-precious gemstones is lower, and there is the possibility to use your stone to show off who you are, it is conceivable for one person to possess multiple gemstones and pair them with different ensembles and different moods.