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The Advantage of Custom Designing an Engagement Ring

The first step in creating custom designed jewelry of any kind is to choose a designer. In a world-class city like Seattle, there are a wide variety of jewelers advertising highly qualified designers just waiting to create the perfect engagement ring. So, before you commit to working with one of them, it’s important to ask a few key questions:

At Joseph Jewelry, our artisans and craftspeople create every piece of jewelry in-house. Why not take advantage of our expertise, at no additional cost, by designing the jewelry of your dreams?

If you are still not convinced, here are three simple reasons why you should consider custom designing your jewelry:

Individuality of Custom Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry is an opportunity for you to tailor every detail of your engagement ring, creating a finished piece as unique as the woman who will wear it. Since wedding jewelry is meant to be worn every day, why not take the time to create a one-of-a-kind ring that will act as a daily reminder of your love? Instead of purchasing a mass-produced, factory-made piece, create a symbol of your dedication and commitment by designing a unique and beautiful engagement ring - the process of which will become a treasured story about the most significant object she will ever own.

Value of Custom Jewelry

Off-the-shelf jewelry is designed to appeal to a wide base of people while maximizing profit. At Joseph Jewelry, we encourage clients to custom design their jewelry to ensure they receive exactly what they want and nothing less. Since there is no extra charge for custom-designing your jewelry with us, the price of your piece will be based entirely on the materials used – materials you have handpicked! This means that as we are discussing your jewelry, we can control the price to give you the exact features you want at the price point you’re most comfortable with. Every piece created by Joseph Jewelry is designed, cast, set, and finished using the latest technology, in combination with artistic intricacies resulting from centuries of tradition. With custom jewelry, the ring you create will be handmade and superior in quality and design to anything mass-produced.

Appeal of Custom Jewelry

As the saying goes, the quality is in the details. Custom jewelry is your chance to be involved in creating a piece that you will cherish – not only for what it represents, but also because you oversaw and fine-tuned every detail of its creation from the moment the idea was conceived. When it comes to an engagement ring, never settle. At Joseph Jewelry, our artisans will work directly with you at every phase of the design to ensure that when you receive the final piece, you’re not just satisfied, but 100% in love. Take advantage of our experienced and knowledge. Contact Joseph Jewelry to start work on your masterpiece today.