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Mokume Gane

Easily considered one of the most popular trends in jewelry today, mokume is a metal that is uniquely mixed to produce luxurious pieces of jewelry. More specifically, it is frequently used in the creation of men's wedding bands, rings, and even bracelets. You can find quality mokume pieces with our custom design jeweler in Seattle and Bellevue. Before you make a purchase, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with mokume so that you understand what you're looking for and can make a more informed decision about what to buy.

Mokume Gallery

Brief History

Mokume was first invented in the 17th century by a man named Denbei Shoami. Originally, his creation was intended to be used for sword handles and sheaths. But over time, mokume began to make its way into the jewelry industry and it has remained there ever since. Today, modern technology has made it possible to forge this metal into many things. Different metals can now be added and various styles and designs can be forged.

What Is Mokume?

So, what is mokume? The term "moku" means "wood" while the "-me" means "eye". There are a variety of metals that go into the production of mokume, and every year, more and more metals are experimented with to produce many different styles and designs. But while mokume's versatility has been employed in the creation of weapons and other items, it has mainly been used in the design of jewelry.

What to Consider When Buying

Mokume can be a perfect choice if you are looking to buy earrings, pendants, bracelets, and even wedding bands. These are fine pieces of jewelry that can provide you with many benefits. And if you prefer something without stones, mokume is the ideal choice. It will provide you with beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry that are unique. A lot of couples like to purchase mokume jewelry so that they can have matching wedding bands. You can really take this metal to the limits in terms of the production of different types of jewelry that will all hold up well over time.

Potential and Characteristics

At the moment, mokume is still very popular in many places around the world. You can find all kinds of jewelry made from it as well as all kinds of decorative items. While some people consider this type of jewelry outdated, the truth is that it is making a comeback. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to experiment more than ever before. The final results are a lot of new and luxurious types of jewelry that have yet to be seen by the public.

Mokume has a relatively long lifespan and will hold up well as long as you are taking care of it. Plus, you won't need to spend that much money on maintenance from year to year. The designs available for purchase really depend on where you are looking. But no matter what you choose, you are making a good decision when you purchase mokume jewelry. This is a type of metal that will be used in the jewelry industry for a long time to come.