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What is a Triple Excellent Diamond?

Triple Excellent diamonds are those that have received the highest possible cut grades from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Cut grade should be extremely important to consumers because the angles of the cut determine the diamond’s light refraction and reflection. Because it takes so much skill and rough material to get the cut right, Triple Excellent diamonds are very rare.

These diamonds are called “Triple Excellent” because they are the triple combination of perfect cut grades.

Cut = Excellent

Polish = Excellent

Symmetry = Excellent

These are the scores that determine Triple Excellents. However, one should be aware that not all diamonds are created equal. There are the other factors of color, clarity, and carat to consider as well. So, just be aware when you are shopping for a diamond, and make sure to work with professionals you trust.

That being said, Triple Excellents are still at the top of the diamond choices. They are the top cut of diamonds and will definitely be beautiful. Cut should dependably be a strong factor when searching for the perfect diamond, so make sure to look for a high quality cut first.

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