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Lab Grown Color Gemstones

Just like lab grown diamonds, colored gemstones can be found as lab-created, as well.

What makes them lab-created?

Quite simply, instead of coming to us from a mine deep in the earth, these gemstones were grown in a lab by scientists. They are physically, optically, and chemically identical to their natural counterparts, meaning they are just as hard and just as beautiful.

Which gemstones can be grown in a lab?

Diamond, fancy colored diamond, sapphire, ruby, spinel, emerald, alexandrite, moissanite, and opal. Every year, technology advances and more opportunities are available. Even in just the last five years, we have seen huge advancements in the methods used to grow colored gemstones.

Does this affect their value?

Yes and no. They are much more affordable than natural gems, but of course, that will impact the resale value, as well.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of lab grown gemstones?

First of all, they are eco-friendly and conflict free. You can rest assured that these gems were created in a lab in the U.S. and no person or environment was hurt in the process.

These gems also can be found in bigger carat sizes at a more affordable price, if this is what you’re looking for. It is extremely difficult for the average person to know the difference between natural and lab grown; in other words, no one will ever know the difference.

Some people think lab grown gemstones are too perfect. Since they do not have the natural inclusions, (like birthmarks) that nature bestows on natural gemstones, these lab grown jewels usually look near perfect. This is of course just a matter of personal preference.

Other Lab Grown Gemstones Facts

They can be found in different shades, hues, cuts, and sizes. There are more intense colors as well as extremely light colors. We work directly with wholesale sellers and cutters so you can get exactly the gemstone you’re imagining. Our expert designers can bring in several gemstones for you to compare so that you get the right color.