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14k White Gold Custom Floral Pearl Earrings - Three-Quarter View -  103656
14k White Gold Custom Floral Pearl Earrings - Front View -  103656
14k White Gold Custom Floral Pearl Earrings - Hand View -  103656

Custom Floral Pearl Earrings

Item #103656 $5,608
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Earrings Description

These lovely earrings feature white pearls in the center of a white gold filigree setting with floral overtones. They were created for a couple from Redmond, WA, who came into our Bellevue, WA showroom personally to begin the custom design process. They had existing earrings they wanted us to base this new set on, and we used this initial consultation to get a good feel for their vision for the pieces. Design Your Own Earrings

Pearl Centers and Filigree

Each earring in this set is built around a round 12mm white pearl, and we brought in several sets of pearls for the clients to examine in person so that they could select the perfect centerpieces for the design.

The pearls sit in an elegant filigree basket composed of twisting, vine-like strands of 14k white gold. These wrap all the way around the back half of the pearls, intertwining and curling around each other to create a lovely and delicate effect while also holding the pearls securely. Earrings

Floral Design and Customization Options

The inner filigree basket is soldered to the outer base of the earring, which is more solid and is made in the form of six leaves that extend out on all sides of the center. The combination of these features gives the earrings a lovely floral quality, and the two integrate perfectly so that it appears they were made of one piece.

There are several ways you can go about customizing a set like this to make it more your own. For instance, you could use a different metal such as yellow gold to bring a more classical feel to the set. Rose gold is another good option, and it would play into the floral themes nicely as well, and because the bases of the earrings are actually made in two pieces before being joined, you could even choose to go with a two-tone look to add some contrast to the design.

Includes: Filigree , Floral , Pearl , Polished , White Gold , Unique , Earrings , Gifts


14k White Gold Earrings
White Pearls - 12 mm
Joseph Jewelry

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