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 18K Gold Diamond Earrings - Three-Quarter View -  974

Diamond Earrings

Item #974
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Earrings Description

These elegant drop earrings feature round diamonds in an alternating pattern of bezel and bright cut settings that extend in a line down from the finding. They can be modified in any number of ways to make them a better match for your personal style, and our experts are ready to guide you smoothly through the process.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas in more detail, you can reach out through our website or visit our Bellevue, WA showroom in person. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll put together a set of CAD proofs of your unique design, and we’ll share these with you online. You can provide feedback and request any modifications you’d like, and we’ll go through as many revision cycles as necessary to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every detail. Design Your Own Earrings

Earring Design and Diamonds

Each earring in this set features two larger round diamonds, which are bezel set and the top and bottom of the chain. The space between these is filled with an alternating pattern of square shapes and round bezel set diamonds. The square shapes each hold a small, round bright cut set diamond, and there are four of these all together in each earring. Earrings

The bezel set diamonds in the middle chain are smaller than those at the top and bottom, but larger than the diamonds set in the squares, and the relative proportions of these stones gives the earrings a nice balance overall. All of the diamonds are set in 18k white gold, and the links that connect connect them are barely visible but give each piece a dangling quality that produces their glamorous and elegant flair. 100% Satisfaction

Customization Options

Customization of pieces like this can go many different routes, with modifications to metal type, gemstone cut and gemstone color all on the table. For instance, you could use fancy yellow diamonds set in yellow gold to create a more classical-leaning and colorful set, or you could integrate blue sapphires into the pattern with the diamonds to add some contrast with a burst of color.

Includes: Diamonds , Danglers , Bezel , Bright Cut , Drop , Earrings


18k White Gold Earrings
Diamonds - .37ctw
Clarity: SI- Color: H
Joseph Jewelry

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