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14k White Gold Ruby Stud Earrings - Three-Quarter View -  102723
14k White Gold Ruby Stud Earrings - Front View -  102723

Ruby Stud Earrings

Item #102723
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Earrings Description

These elegant stud earrings feature round rubies prong set in white gold. They’re made to reflect a classic style, while introducing some dramatic color contrasts as well, and there are many ways you can customize them with the help of our team. Even if you’d like to keep the basic layout of these pieces the same, you can integrate personal touches and elements with special meaning for you. Design Your Own Earrings

Prong Set Rubies

The primary elements in these earrings are the two round rubies that form the main body of the pieces. Put together, they total 1.20 carats, and their rich red color contrasts beautifully with the 14k white gold they’re set in.

The settings holding the rubies are made up of four rounded prongs that curve up over the girdles of the stones. A gallery rail runs around the sides of the setting lower down, adding some structural stability while still allowing plenty of light in to reach the rubies. Earrings

Customization Options

Customizing a set like this might involve substituting a different type of gemstone for the rubies. Both diamonds and sapphires come in a number of different colors, and you could choose one that represents a birthstone, favorite color, or even eye color.

Using a different type of metal is worth considering as well, particularly if you’d like this set to match an existing piece of jewelry you have or a particular outfit. Rose or yellow gold can bring a more classical feel to the design, and one or the other may be a better fit depending on the type of gemstone you end up using. 100% Satisfaction

Custom Design Process

When you’re ready to begin working on your own custom design, you can stop by our Bellevue, WA showroom or you can reach out to our team online. We’ll take the opportunity to learn all we can about your style and feature preferences, and we’ll use that information to develop a unique design for you in CAD.

You can view these proofs online through dedicated workroom we set up to manage communication concerning your project, and you can also request adjustments to the pieces in this way. Only once you’re completely satisfied with these digital models will we turn things over to our expert artisans to begin production.

Includes: Gemstones , Polished , Stud , White Gold , Round , Color Gemstone , Ruby , Earrings , Gifts


14k White Gold Earrings
2 Rubies - 1.20 ctw

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