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14k White Gold Custom Interlocking Name Band - Three-Quarter View -  101534
14k White Gold Custom Interlocking Name Band - Flat View -  101534
14k White Gold Custom Interlocking Name Band - Side View -  101534
14k White Gold Custom Interlocking Name Band - Front View -  101534
14k White Gold Custom Interlocking Name Band - Top View -  101534

Custom Interlocking Name Band

Item #101534
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Fashion Ring Description

This unique men’s and women’s ring features custom engraving and a wave pattern that separates the two halves of the the interlocking band. It was designed for a client from Pembroke Pines, FL, who wanted to create a special ring for his girlfriend to represent how neither of them was complete without the other.

We communicated with him online and over the phone to finalize the details of the project. He knew he wanted the separation of the band to split the names and hearts engraved around the outside, but we experimented with a few different arrangements until we found the option he liked best.

Interlocking Band

The wave that runs all the way around this ring actually cuts it in half, and the two halves can each be worn on separate chains. When they’re joined together, the names and hearts connect, and this represents two people coming together to complete each other.

Personalized Engraving

The outside of the band includes the names of both the client and his girlfriend, as well as two hearts, all of which are split in half by the wave division. On the inside of each half, a date is inscribed, and this adds an even more personal touch to the piece.

Custom Design Process

Whether you’d like us to make something similar to this ring, or you have a different design in mind, our experts have the knowledge and skills to make your vision a reality. We’ll create a CAD model for you based on the information you provide, and once you see it, you can request any changes or adjustments you’d like.

We’ll take your piece through as many stages of revision as necessary to get it exactly right, and we can even create a wax model for you to examine if you’d like before you give your final approval. This custom design process allows us to create exactly the piece you wanted even if you didn’t have a clear idea of what it was ahead of time, and it enables us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all custom pieces.

Includes: Interlocking , Men's & Women's , Custom Rings


Details listed for size: 7.50:
Sterling Silver Ring
Joseph Jewelry

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