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Lion Ring - Capitan Collection - Three-Quarter View -  101973
Lion Ring - Capitan Collection - Flat View -  101973
Lion Ring - Capitan Collection - Side View -  101973
Lion Ring - Capitan Collection - Front View -  101973
Lion Ring - Capitan Collection - Top View -  101973

Lion Ring - Capitan Collection

Item #101973 $1,490
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Fashion Ring Description

This exquisite fashion ring features a lion’s head carved in yellow gold on top, with an archangel on one shank shoulder, and a lioness and her cubs on the other. The ring itself is made from oxidized sterling silver, and it also displays various carvings. The ring is part of the Capitan Collection by Galatea, and we carry this and other similar pieces in our Bellevue, WA showroom.

Ring Design

The band of this ring is made of oxidized sterling silver, and it’s narrowest across the bottom, widening marginally moving up the sides to the mid-point. The surface in this area is slightly domed, and it’s carved in an organic style reminiscent of tree bark, with the exception of a circular area on one side that holds a small symbol.

Above the mid-point on each side, the shank shoulders widen rapidly, eventually curving out to wrap around the large, flat surface at the top. A shield shape is carved into each shank shoulder as well, with a rougher surface on the inside of the shield, and a smooth, polished surface on the outside. A wing motif is carved on both ring fronts.

Carved Gold Figures

Rising up from the top of the ring is a carved lion’s head made from 14k yellow gold. The details of this carving are exquisite, and they’re highlighted by the use of contrasting sandblasted and polished finishes on various sections of the design. Fashion Rings

Complimenting this main carving are two smaller yellow gold figures, one on each shank shoulder. These sit within the shield shapes carved into the silver, and one depicts an archangel, while the other shows a lioness and her cubs playing by the light of the moon. The striking color contrast between the rich black of the ring and the warm tones of the metal help to highlight the details of each design, and it also enhances the organic elements of the piece.

Includes: Contemporary , Contrasting Finish , Polished , Yellow Gold , Gifts , Custom Rings


Details listed for size: 10.00:
Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Ring

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