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Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  102265
Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band - Flat View -  102265
Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band - Side View -  102265
Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band - Front View -  102265
Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band - Top View -  102265

Custom Hammered Mokume Men's Wedding Band

Item #102265 $3,277

  • Size 10.00
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This stylish men’s wedding ring features a lovely mokume gane pattern, which is enhanced by the acid etching and hammered finish. It was created for a client based in Nashville, TN, and who wanted to create something truly unique for her fiancé. We made her engagement ring and wedding band as well, and were happy we could create this one to complete the set.

Mokume Gane

Mokume gane is a popular choice for men’s wedding bands especially, and the wonderful patterns you see in this ring are a result of the unique process used to make all mokume pieces. It involves layering several different types of metal together and then forging them in such a way that they blend to display organic shapes and designs.

Because they are made this way, no two mokume pieces will ever be exactly the same. Even if we use all the same materials and techniques for two pieces, we expect about a 70% to 80% match when it comes to the design. Using different metal combinations, however, will result in a completely different look.

Metal Combinations and Finish Options

The mokume in this ring is made up of 14k rose gold, 14k palladium white gold, and sterling silver. The look is further enhanced by the acid etching, which sharpens all of the features of the ring, and the oxidized silver. It’s this combination that helps to give the piece its antique and rustic appearance.

Using different metals will produce very different colors and patterns, so if you like mokume but don’t necessarily want the types of patterns you see in this ring, our experts can help you find just the right combination of metals and finishes to get the look you’re going for.

This ring also features a hammered finish, which gives it a dynamic look, and that nicely complements the fluid nature of the mokume design. However, if you’d like something a little more sleek and contemporary-looking, you might want to go with a different finish. This might seem like a small change, but it can completely alter the appearance and style of the piece.
Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Includes: Contemporary , Etched , Hammered Finish , Mokume , Rose Gold , White Gold


To reduce color fading, avoid friction against any surface. Avoid wearing your mokume ring during exercise, construction work, gardening, or other abrasive activities. When owning a mokume gane ring with oxidization, avoid chlorine or other similar chemicals as they eat away the patina.

Details listed for size: 10.00:
Mokume - 14k Rose Gold, 14k Palladium White Gold & Sterling Silver
7 mm wide
Comfort Fit
Joseph Jewelry

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