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Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  100802
Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Flat View -  100802
Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Side View -  100802
Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Front View -  100802
Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Top View -  100802

Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band

Item #100802 $3,933

  • Size 11.00
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This stylish men’s wedding ring features a beautiful, organic pattern running all the way around the mokume gane band. It was created for a client from New York, NY, who worked with our team online to finalize the details of the piece. We can make a ring much like this for you, although the nature of the mokume forging process means that no two pieces will ever come out exactly alike.

Mokume Gane

The technique used to make this ring was developed in Japan several hundred years ago. Originally, it was used to make sheaths and handles for samurai swords, but over time, it was adapted for use in other types of items as well, including jewelry.

To make a piece like this, sheets of several different metals are layered together, twisted, and then forged. The way that they’re combined leads to the different types of patterns you’ll find on the various mokume pieces on our website, and the different mixtures of color are related to the types of metals included.

Metal Combinations

This ring is made from a combination of 14k rose gold, 14k palladium white gold, and sterling silver. However, if you like the pattern you see here but you prefer a different color scheme, we can show you examples of some of the other possible options. Mokume Jewelry

Using the same technique for a mokume piece will generally produce about an 80% pattern match, and this allows you to choose the type of design you want to see in your ring while also ensuring that it’s truly one-of-a-kind. We can show you examples of different patterns, and we can make recommendations based on the style preferences you’ve expressed as well.

Finish Options

As a finishing touch, this ring is oxidized and acid-etched, which is what creates the dark lines where the silver mixes in. This produces an antique effect that is quite popular, but you can also forgo this and stick with a straightforward high polish or brushed finish for a more classical look.

The experience and skills of our team ensure that the piece we make for you will exceed your expectations, even if you’re not sure exactly what you want at the outset. We’ll provide as much guidance as you’d like. Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Includes: Brushed , Etched , Mokume , Rose Gold


To reduce color fading, avoid friction against any surface. Avoid wearing your mokume ring during exercise, construction work, gardening, or other abrasive activities. When owning a mokume gane ring with oxidization, avoid chlorine or other similar chemicals as they eat away the patina.

Details listed for size: 11.00:
Mokume - 14k Rose Gold, 14k Palladium White Gold and Sterling Silver
Joseph Jewelry

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