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Custom Mokume Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  103373
Custom Mokume Wedding Band - Flat View -  103373
Custom Mokume Wedding Band - Side View -  103373
Custom Mokume Wedding Band - Front View -  103373
Custom Mokume Wedding Band - Top View -  103373

Custom Mokume Wedding Band

Item #103373 $3,657
  • Size 10.00
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This elegant men’s wedding ring features an organic mokume gane pattern made from a combination of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver running all the way around the flat, sandblasted band. It’s a wonderful example of the unique patterns that the mokume gane technique can produce, and our experts can guide you through the process of customizing it until it’s exactly what you had in mind. Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Mokume Gane

The techniques used to create the lovely mokume gane patterns on display in this piece were first developed several hundred years ago in Japan. Their primary purpose was to create decorative handles and sheaths for samurai swords, but they’ve since been adapted for use in fine jewelry as well. It takes many years and a great deal of experience to master these techniques, and as you can see from this piece, our skilled artisans have perfected them.

The mokume in this ring is made from a combination of 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k palladium white gold, and sterling silver. Thin sheets of these metals were layered together and then forged in a specific way to elicit the swirling designs that flow all the way around the piece. Mokume Jewelry

Finish and Metal Options

The matte surface of this ring is created by the application of a sandblasted finish, which complements the organic pattern of the mokume nicely. That pattern is further enhanced by the use of black antiquing, and there are many ways you can adjust these details to create a unique look that better suits your personal style. Men’s Custom Wedding Bands

Different combinations of metals are certainly worth exploring, and it’s important to keep in mind that the nature of the mokume gane forging process ensures that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. If you like the pattern you see in this ring, whether you prefer this combination of metals or a slightly different one, we can use the same technique to produce about an 80% pattern match.

Includes: Mokume , Sandblasted , Palladium , Rose Gold , Yellow Gold , White Gold


To reduce color fading, avoid friction against any surface. Avoid wearing your mokume ring during exercise, construction work, gardening, or other abrasive activities. When owning a mokume gane ring with oxidization, avoid chlorine or other similar chemicals as they eat away the patina.

Details listed for size: 10.00:
Mokume - 14k Rose Gold, 24k Yellow Gold, 14k Palladium White Gold, Sterling Silver
7 mm wide
Matte Finish
Joseph Jewelry

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