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14k White Gold Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  105525
14k White Gold Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Flat View -  105525
14k White Gold Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Side View -  105525
14k White Gold Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Front View -  105525
14k White Gold Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Top View -  105525

Matte Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Item #105525
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This stylish men's wedding ring features a brushed carbon fiber outer layer and a polished white gold inner layer. The stark contrast between the two materials creates a lovely but subtle intricacy to the design, and this is a piece that you can add to or modify in any number of ways to create just the look you're after.

Two-tone Band Design

The rich black of the carbon fiber overlay dominates this piece, but the underlying 14k white gold adds a significant contrast as it peeks out from below. This contrast between the two materials is also enhanced by the more angular shaping of the carbon fiber when compared to the smooth, slightly rounded comfort fit inner surface of the white gold. Men’s Wedding Bands

Contrasting Finishes

Another layer of contrast in this piece comes in the form of the different finishes applied to each material. The carbon fiber and its beveled edges are brushed to create a soft matte surface, while the white gold is polished to a high shine. These respective finishes really help to highlight the unique beauty of each material independently while also reinforcing how well they complement each other in the piece as a whole. 100% Satisfaction

Customization Options

To customize a ring like this, you may want to begin by determining how wide of a band you prefer. This particular ring is 7mm across, which is somewhere in the middle of the average range for a men's band. You may decide you like a thinner band, or you may want a more substantial piece that measures 10mm or more across, and we can accommodate all of these specifications and more. Men’s Custom Wedding Bands

The best way to determine how wide you want your ring to be is to try on rings of different widths, either in our Bellevue, WA or Seattle, WA showroom or at your local jeweler, so you'll know what feels the most comfortable to you. Once you've settled on width, you may want to consider some other customization options such as utilizing a different combination of finishes, adding a gemstone, or bringing the metal up along the sides to create a nice framing effect.

Includes: Brushed , Contrasting Finish , Pattern , Polished , Two-Tone , White Gold , Unique , Carbon Fiber , Black


Details listed for size: 10.00:
14k White Gold Ring
Carbon Fiber
7 mm wide

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