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Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  1463
Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Flat View -  1463
Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Side View -  1463
Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Front View -  1463
Men's Mokume Wedding Band - Top View -  1463

Men's Mokume Wedding Band

Item #1463
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This elegant men’s wedding ring features a mokume gane inlay bordered by white gold rails. It’s a lovely example of the way mokume gane can help make a piece unique without being flashy, and our experts can help you customize it until it’s exactly what you’ve been envisioning. Design Your Own Wedding Ring

You can come into our Bellevue location anytime during normal business hours to discuss your ideas, or you can reach out to our team online. We’ll take all the information you can give us about your feature and style preferences, and we’ll use that to develop your unique piece in CAD. You can review our digital models and request any changes you’d like, and only once you’re completely satisfied will we turn things over to our highly-skilled artisans to begin production.

Mokume Gane Center

The swirling, organic pattern that runs down the middle of this piece all the way around the band is the result of the mokume gane forging process. The technique used to make these types of designs was originally developed hundreds of years ago in Japan, and it involves layering thin sheets of two or more different types of metal together and then combining them in a particular way.

The nature of this process also ensures that no two mokume gane pieces will ever be exactly alike, although if you see a pattern that you prefer, we can use the same technique in making your piece with an expected 80% pattern match. The mokume section of this ring is made from a 14k white gold and shakudo, which is an alloy of gold and copper. Men’s Custom Wedding Bands

Band Design and Customization Options

Running alongside the mokume inlay are unplated white gold rails, and the inner portion of the ring is made from the same material as well. The slightly domed top of the band is brushed to create a matte surface that complements the soft tones of the metals nicely.

Customizing this ring may involve using a different combination of metals for the mokume gane section, or it might mean changing the width of the band. This piece is 6mm wide, which is on the narrow end of the normal range for a men’s ring. Adjusting this to whatever’s most comfortable for you will necessarily change the overall appearance of the band as well, and you can decide if you’d like to keep the same proportions between the mokume section and the rails or if you’d like to adjust those as well.

Includes: Mokume


Details listed for size: 10.00:
14k White Gold Ring
Mokume - 14k White Gold & Shakudo
6 mm wide
Comfort Fit
Heavy Duty

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