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 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Brushed Band - Three-Quarter View -
 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Brushed Band - Flat View -
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Platinum Custom Men's Brushed Band

Item #101116 $3,150
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This elegant men’s wedding ring features an offset groove accented by contrasting finishes on a palladium band. It was created for a client from Redmond, WA, and we can make one just like it for you, or we can customize it so that it better suits your tastes. Whether you live locally, as our client did, or are on the other side of the country, we’ll use every resource at our disposal to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your finished piece. Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Offset Groove

A narrow, squared groove divides the surface of this ring into two sections, and it’s set off to one side, making one section much larger than the other. This gives the piece a nice balance and a more unique look than a simple flat band without introducing anything flashy or bold to the design.

Contrasting Finishes

The offset groove is highlighted by the use of contrasting finishes on the different surfaces it creates. The groove itself is polished, as are the sides of the ring, but the raised surfaces are brushed for a beautiful matte effect.

Customization Options

This combination of finishes works well together, but it’s far from the only option available to you if you’d like to customize the ring. For instance, you could switch to a hammered finish on the main surfaces, with our without the brushed finish, to bring a more complex texture to the piece.

Another option would be to use a different finish on the larger and smaller raised sections, making their size difference more pronounced. Or you could use a different type of metal such as rose or yellow gold if you prefer a warmer color for your band.

Subtle placement of a small gemstone is another way to bring color to this piece, and it can also be used to create a link with your partner’s rings. For instance, a small, flush-set gemstone, either on the outside or inside of the band, is a great way to include something of personal significance into such a special piece without it overshadowing the other elements of the design.

Includes: Brushed , Polished , Contrasting Finish , Palladium


Details listed for size: 7.50:
Palladium Ring
9 mm wide
Comfort Fit
Matte Finish
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