Amethyst Pendant

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Pendant Description

This elegant pendant features a round checkerboard cut amethyst, martini prong set in white gold at the center of a minimalist design, and suspended from a spiga chain. It’s a piece with plenty of potential for customization, and our experts will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that what we produce for you is exactly what you were envisioning. Design Your Own Jewelry

Amethyst Center

At the center of this design is a 1.11 carat round amethyst that displays a distinctive reflective pattern thanks to its checkerboard cut. The precise placement of the facets in this cut cause the arrangement of light and dark sections to continually change as the stone is rotated, adding a new layer of intricacy to the design. The enchanting purple color of the stone also contrasts beautifully with the 14k white gold it’s set in. Pendants

Pendant Design

The way the three prongs holding the amethyst meet creates a lovely dynamic within this design. One prong sits at the top of the stone, right in line with where the loop connecting the pendant body to the bale emerges from the basket behind the amethyst. The other two prongs are positioned on either side of the lower portion of the stone, bringing a nice balance to the piece while still holding the amethyst securely. The triangular arrangement of these prongs creates a subtle contrast as well with the perfect curves of the stone.

The loop of metal that emerges from the top of the basket connects directly to the smooth, polished bale, which in turn, allows the spiga chain to pass directly through. The simple design of the bale allows the amethyst to take center stage in the piece without distraction, and the minimalist design of the basket protecting the back of the stone is a perfect stylistic fit with the overarching themes of the piece.

Includes: Gemstones, Polished, White Gold, Round, Color Gemstone,


14k White Gold Pendant
Amethyst - 1.11 ctw
16" Spiga Chain
Center: Amethyst - 1.11ct

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