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How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

Looking to keep (or bring back) that brand-new sparkle? Here are some tips to clean your ring at home and keep it in perfect shape. 

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1. How to clean your ring and bring back the sparkle

You can clean most jewelry at home with warm water and a drop of liquid dish soap. Soak the piece in a bowl of this solution for a few minutes and then gently wash with a soft toothbrush; towel dry. Make sure to brush under the center stone. Never put your jewelry directly under the faucet as it could accidentally go down the drain.

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

2. How to avoid dirt buildup on your engagement ring

Taking your ring off before applying lotion or using hair spray will help avoid your ring becoming dull. Lotions and chemicals can attract more dirt and cause buildup in small places. 

3. How to know if your ring needs special care

If you have any colored gemstones on your ring, you will want to be extra careful with them because of their softness. 

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

4. When NOT to wear your ring

Do not wear your ring during yard work, dishwashing, or heavy lifting. Most importantly, don't wear your ring when exercising! This includes barre, yoga, and HIIT workouts, not just heavy weightlifting. Repeated pressure on your ring (like from holding a light dumbbell weight or holding onto a ballet bar) can cause the metal of your ring to un-round, which may cause accent stones and your center stone to be loosened. 

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

Common Ring Care Questions

Why is my white gold ring turning yellow?

White gold isn't naturally white. It's yellow gold alloyed with another metal, turning it a champagne color. Then, this is coated with rhodium, which gives white gold the true silver color. This rhodium plating wears off over time, especially when frequently exposed to hand sanitizer and other alcohol-based products. Your jeweler can easily re-plate your ring and make it true white again! It's not something bad happening to your ring; it's just something you have to maintain over time. 

Why is my ring irritating my finger?

It could be a metal allergy, but it could also be a cleaning issue. Assuming you wear your ring all the time, it is exposed to all the dirt and chemicals of everyday life, but doesn't get cleaned with as much detail as the rest of your hand! This is why it is so important to clean your rings regularly. Dirt and chemical buildup can cause irritation. 

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home

What do I do if I think a stone is loose?

It's okay! Usually, if you hold your ring up to your ear and shake it, you can hear if any stones are clicking. Don't wear the ring until you can bring it into your jeweler to inspect the stones. 


Have more questions? We're happy to help! Feel free to contact us or visit our jewelry care guide for detailed information on specific gemstones and jewelry care. 


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