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 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band - Three-Quarter View -  103547
 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band - Flat View -  103547
 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band - Side View -  103547
 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band - Front View -  103547
 Platinum Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band - Top View -  103547

Platinum Custom Men's Wedding Band

Item #103547 $3,803
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Men's Wedding Band Description

This elegant men’s wedding ring features three parallel grooves that cut across the softly domed surface of the white gold ring, accented by contrasting brushed, polished and sandblasted finishes. It was created for a client from Bellevue, WA, and we made a wedding band for his fiancee at the same time to match an engagement ring we’d made previously. Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Band Design

This ring is 14k white gold and 6mm wide. It’s divided into two main sections by the narrow grooves that run along either side close to the edge. These separate the rails on either side from the center area, giving the piece a nice balance and subtle complexity. There is also a wider groove that runs down the middle of the ring, dividing the center into two equal sections.

Contrasting Finishes

To help highlight the separation between the sections of this piece, we utilized the contrast produced by applying different finishes to different areas of the ring. The rails, for instance, are polished to a high shine, as are the narrow grooves next to them, while the raised parts of the center are brushed. Men’s Custom Wedding Bands

This brushed finish produces a matte effect that enhances different qualities of the metal, and it contrasts subtly again with the sandblasted finish in the center groove. The sandblasted finish creates an alternative matte surface with a more grainy appearance, and using this combination of finishes enabled the client to include three different silver shades in his piece while only using one type of metal.

Customization Options

There are quite a few ways to modify this design so that it’s a better match for your personal style. For instance, you could use a different combination of finishes on the different parts of the ring, or you could choose to go with only one finish across all surfaces. One option the client was considering was having black antiquing in the center groove rather that the sandblasted finish, which creates a much darker appearance and a more dramatic contrast.

Includes: Brushed , Contrasting Finish , Polished , White Gold


Details listed for size: 10.00:
14k White Gold Ring
6 mm wide
Comfort Fit
Matte Finish
Joseph Jewelry

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