Custom Blue Topaz and Amethyst Pendant

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Necklace Description

This exquisite pendant features a round amethyst and a round blue topaz, both bezel set in palladium and surrounded by two circles. The use of two different gemstones in the center of this design gives it a lovely asymmetrical quality, and it offers many options for customization.

If you’d like to discuss your vision for your own custom piece in person, you can come into our Bellevue, WA showroom anytime to speak with one of our designers. Another option is to reach out to us through our website, and we can complete custom design projects entirely online if distance or scheduling pressures make it more convenient for you. Design Your Own Jewelry

Amethyst and Blue Topaz

The two gemstones in this piece are a one carat round blue topaz and a one carat amethyst. They sit side by side near the bottom of the smaller of the two circles that make up the body of the pendant, and they’re both bezel set in palladium. The amethyst sits slightly higher than the topaz, introducing a bit of asymmetry to the design in a way that suggests a dynamic movement frozen in place.

If you’re interested in customizing this piece, one of the quickest ways to personalize it would be to substitute birthstones or other favorite gemstones for those used here. The birthstones of your children, for instance, could turn this into a wonderfully personal and significant piece, and various color combinations could also substantially alter the overall look and feel of the pendant as well.

Pendant Design

The body of the pendant is made up of two circles, with the smaller entirely contained within the larger. Both circles are gathered at the top by the bale, and this aligns the smaller circle towards the top of the larger circle, leaving much more space between them at the bottom of the pendant than at the top. The settings for both gemstones are attached to the inside of the smaller circle as well as to each other, and the round shape of both gemstones echoes the circular shapes found in the rest of the design.

Includes: Gemstones, Bezel, Palladium, Color Gemstone,


Palladium Pendant
Blue Topaz - 1.00 ctw
Amethyst - 1.00 ctw
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