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Community Mission

At Joseph Jewelry, we believe that giving back is vital for us as global citizens. We especially have a soft spot in our hearts for children and young mothers, so we make a point to regularly support from Washington State to Africa. Business owners can make a huge difference in the world, and we want to show other business owners that they can make a difference, too.

Liberty Road Foundation

Here, businesses are brought together to give back to their communities through various charities. It is a foundation for men, women, children, and families, and their goal is to break the cycle of poverty and dysfunction. Community development and vocational programs are the main focuses, constructing a brighter future for local communities. We specifically support youth ministry within the Foundation.

Orphan Relief and Rescue

This organization fights for the rights of orphans in West Africa, specifically Benin and Liberia. By working with local governments and orphanage directors, they determine the needs of each individual orphanage and find opportunities to constructively build programs and give long-term support. Orphan Relief and Rescue supports immediate needs such as hunger and sanitation as well as future needs, including education and self-sufficiency. Ultimately, they fight against human trafficking, neglect, and child abuse.

Step By Step

Step By Step is a local organization that supports at-risk local mothers who need support during pregnancy and after to raise a strong, healthy child with a positive future and the ability to follow their dreams. They help young mothers break out of the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect to do this. The ultimate goal is to help mothers through pregnancy and help them establish a safe home as well as healthy parenting.

For the Love of Kids

For the Love of Kids' mission is to break the chains of injustice and poverty as relentless advocates for the improved well-being of children in their families and communities. Their international programs focus on advocacy for children's rights and best interests, crisis relief and recovery, child safeguarding, and education. The project started in Lebanon with a vision to expand to other emergent countries.