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How to Prepare for a Custom Design Consultation

How to Prepare for a Custom Design Consultation

Are you starting to browse engagement rings? Or do you know exactly what you want? We're here to help at whatever point you're at in the engagement ring journey!

As the premier custom jeweler in Seattle and Bellevue, we can create almost any ring and help find the best design and gems for you. No pressure- just a fun experience planning your dream ring. Here's a preview of what you should start thinking about. We'll walk you through the different styles, diamond grades, and metal types. Ask us anything! We're happy to answer all your questions.

Custom Engagement Ring

1. Set Up A Consultation

We can meet in person or give you a call at your preferred time. You can make an appointment online or call either of our showrooms in Bellevue and Seattle. You can also drop by, but we'd love to have ideas prepared for you if you have an appointment. Include any important details when you make your appointment.

Custom Three Stone Engagement Ring

2. Think About Style

Find out what you like and DON'T like. Do you have a Pinterest board or notes? Look for inspiration by browsing our previous designs and Instagram. You might want to think about your entire future ring set- do you want them to sit flush? Match? Does your lifestyle work with this ring? If you work with your hands or wear gloves at work, you may want to consider a low profile engagement ring.

Custom Wedding Set

3. Details to Consider

Don't feel like you have to have these figured out before the consultation- we'll help you with more information if you're not quite sure yet.

Metal Options: Start with color: white, yellow, or rose? Our designers will help you choose 14k versus 18k gold, and platinum is a wonderful option, as well.

Shape: Does a certain shape draw you in? Round, oval, princess, marquise... If you're not sure yet, browse Pinterest or try on different shapes when you visit.

Gemstone: Diamond is the most traditional center stone, and we offer both natural and lab grown. Want other options? We also work with moissanite, sapphire, and other colored gemstones, such as morganite.

Budget: Do you have an idea of what you'd like to spend? There's no right or wrong answer! We will help you stay within your desired value range.

Ring Size: Our designers can help you find your ring size or your future fiance's size. After 25 years in the industry, we've collected some helpful tips! And just in case, the first resize is always complimentary.

Timeline: If you have a specific date in mind, let us know so we can make it happen. Just a heads up, most custom rings take 6-8 weeks from beginning to end. If you need it faster, we'll see what we can do.

Custom Vintage Halo Engagement Ring


We're looking forward to meeting you and helping with the sparkling part of your big moment!


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