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Guide: Proposing During the Holidays

Guide: Proposing During the Holidays

The holidays are a special time for many because of family, tradition, togetherness, and the start of a new year. If the thought of proposing over the holidays has crossed your mind even once, this guide is for you! We'll help you with every step so you do it exactly right. 

1. Buy a ring. 

This step is deceivingly tricky because they're going to have the ring forever. It can't just be any ring. No pressure, right?

You need to know ring size, metal choice, diamond shape, and style.

Need some assistance? Talk to their friends and family. Check their Pinterest boards. If all else fails, have their friends take them shopping and sneakily try to find out their preferences. 

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Joseph Jewelry is a custom jewelry company, so we have to promote ourselves for a second...

Together, we will make the ring of their dreams. That's it. You bring us pictures or browse our gallery of engagement rings, and we can combine details from five different rings, or replicate one we've already made. We can make anything. And it's made to order, so you can add engraving or a special gemstone. Your partner deserves a one-of-a-kind ring, and we can make that.

(Still not sold on a custom ring? Here are 4 Reasons to Propose With a Custom Engagement Ring. Read our reviews.)

2. Know your timeline. 

From the moment you start searching styles and prices to receiving the ring, the process could take up to two months, depending where you go. At Joseph Jewelry, we generally ask for 6-8 weeks from beginning to end of the process, but we can adjust as needed. 

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3. Proper planning.

Here's a secret: even though they may know it's coming, still try to make it a surprise. For example, if they think you're proposing in December, propose on the last day of November. As you formulate a plan, think about whether they would want it to be a private moment or in public with people around.

Here are some more questions to get you started:

Do you think they want family and friends there? Are they sentimental about certain places? What is their favorite holiday? Do you have a certain place that is important to you? Do they love the outdoors? Are they into adventurous trips or a cozy time in front of a fire?

Some events and props you many want to consider are using string lights, taking a snowy walk through the park, going Christmas tree hunting, going on a ski trip, or using the New Years countdown to count down to your proposal at midnight. 

We've created a holiday engagement Pinterest board specifically for your holiday proposal brainstorming! And here are some holiday proposal ideas from The Knot. 


Know what extra details matter. 

You know them best, so you know what they care about.

Think about these potential steps you should take: 

  • Ask their parent's permission. 
  • Hire a professional (or friend) to capture the moment in photography or video. 
  • Have a friend or relative take them for a manicure the week or day before. 

But if you think any of these elements may not matter to them, don't stress about it. Assuming you know they're going to say yes, as long as you make it a special moment for the two of you, they will be ecstatic. 


4. Propose!

Confirm the details of the proposal the day before.

Make sure you know what you're going to say, and don't forget to keep the ring safe and secret! Finally, remember this is a milestone moment for both of you. Don't get too wrapped up in the nitty gritty details, because they will love it no matter what you do.

Enjoy the moment and celebrate! 


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