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7 Steps to Finding His Perfect Wedding Ring

7 Steps to Finding His Perfect Wedding Ring

Did you know that men didn't wear wedding rings until World Wars I and II? When men were deployed overseas, it became customary to wear a ring as a token from their loved one at home. 

Today, there are many options available for men's bands. The search may seem even more daunting than an engagement ring purchase. But, don't worry! We're here to sort out the confusion so you will find the ring that perfectly matches your style. 

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1. Durability

When looking for a ring, it is first important to have two things set: your budget and durability levels.

For instance, does the groom-to-be need to have a ring that can be quickly cut off of his finger in an emergency? Or, does he do a lot of physical labor? If so, diamonds may not be a good choice for him. It is important to consult with our designers on these points. 

You can choose to go with a Heavy Duty band, which adds more metal for durability. 

Some couples purchase two rings: one for work and travel, and one that is a bit nicer for all other occasions. 

2. Width

Men's bands usually range from 6-9mm in band width. This is purely a matter of preference, although the average band is usually around 8mm. 

See the picture below to get a feel for the different widths:

Mens Wedding Ring Band Widths Joseph Jewelry

3. Fit

There are a few different options for ring shape and comfort: round band, squared band, tapered band, and Euroshank. 

Comfort Fit: This is a term you may see frequently when shopping for rings. It means that the inside of the ring is slightly rounded and polished, and it is said to be much more comfortable (pictured below). 

men's two-tone custom brushed wedding ringMen's Custom Mountain Range Two-Tone Ring

4. Metal

Platinum, gold (all shades), and palladium are considered precious. Any other metal is considered alternative. This is not a negative categorization- just a traditional way of sorting metals. 

Platinum: This is the best metal for any ring. It is hypoallergenic, rare, maintains its silvery sheen, and will last forever because it is of the highest quality. It is also the best for holding gemstones. 

White Gold: White gold is actually yellow gold alloyed with another metal and coated with rhodium to give the silvery sheen. Do not choose white gold if you have a nickel allergy or sensitive skin. The rhodium will also most likely need to be redone at some point, unless you choose to use unplated white gold, which is a champagne color. 

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is alloyed as well, but keeps its yellow color. Yellow gold is a very classic choice. 

Rose Gold: Rose gold can come in different shades, from reddish to pink. It is the result of a gold alloy as well. 

Palladium: Palladium is relatively new to the market, but is frequently used for men's rings. It is a cousin to platinum and known for its silver color, durability, and lower price tag. 

Titanium: Titanium is a very durable metal (used in spacecraft) that keeps its grayish silver color and is very difficult to break. 

Tungsten: Tungsten comes in black, silver gray and white, and is the most scratch-resistant. However, it is the easiest to break off in case of an emergency, so if the groom-to-be works in a physically demanding job, this is the metal for him. 

Two-Tone: If you cannot decide on a metal, two-tone or even multiple metals in one ring are options! 

Mokume Gane: Mokume is an ancient technique once used to look like wood on the handles of swords and sheaths. It is the result of layering metals and treating them to look a certain way. Every Mokume piece is completely unique. 

men's mokume gane custom wedding ringMen's Mokume Gane Wedding Ring

5. Detail

Many people choose to customize their ring so that it is perfectly suited to them, and we fully support this! Read 21 Unexpected Men's Rings For Every Personality to see more out-of-the-box designs.

There are many options to customize, some of which would be adding diamonds, gemstones, textures, inlays, patterns, or black antique. 

If you have a unique idea for a ring, contact us and we'll put your inspiration into a free sketch and quote, working with you until we get it just right. 

6. Engraving

We offer both laser engraving and hand engraving. 

Laser engraving is usually used for engraving words, dates, fingerprints, and any other linear pattern. 

Hand engraving is used to create a more natural, organic feel, and any pattern can be engraved. 

Mens Wedding Ring Hand and Laser Engraving Samples

7. Finish

The finish can completely change a ring's look. There are many choices and you can also use different finishes to create a contrasting look on the ring. 

Try sorting on our men's wedding bands page and filtering by finish so you can see the different finishes and combinations. 

Custom Men's Diamond Wedding Ring Joseph JewelryMen's Custom Hidden Diamond Wedding Ring

The best way to ultimately decide on a ring is to have it mocked up for you. With our custom design process, we will create a sketch, and then a 3d model that you can modify as many times as you need.

We print a wax model so you can see and feel the ring design before it moves to production.

Finally, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your ring when it is finished. Read our reviews

You don't have to settle for a standard ring! Let us help you discover the perfect one. 


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