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Custom Family Rings and Jewelry Inspiration

Custom Family Rings and Jewelry Inspiration

Family rings and jewelry are a beautiful way to incorporate special significance into a truly meaningful piece. Many clients use gemstones to represent their family, but you can also involve custom engraving, significant metals, and more. Your family is one-of-a-kind, so your jewelry should be, too. 

Custom designed jewelry can be a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Below, we've shown some of the ways one can design family rings and jewelry. The possibilities are endless! You can submit a design inquiry for what you have in mind, and a designer will help you bring it to life.

Family Birthstones

Combining the birthstones from each family member is a beautiful way to have everyone represented in a unique piece.

A Literal "Family Tree"

These pieces also have different family birthstones combined, but the piece is organically shaped like a living thing. You could have the gemstones on a specific type of tree or plant that is significant to your family- it could be a palm tree, or a sunflower, or another variety.


Engraving can be done different ways, either with a laser or by hand. You can incorporate a fingerprint, or a family phrase, or in this case, a specific mountain range.

Significant Symbol

Maybe you have a family crest or initials you'd like to cast into jewelry, or maybe you'd like to have a symbol representing someone in your family. These are only a few of many different ways to bring those elements together.

What kind of elements will you incorporate in your family jewelry?




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