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Diamond, April's Beautiful Birthstone

Diamond, April's Beautiful Birthstone

Those born in April have the most popular precious gemstone for their birthstone: diamond!

With a Mohs hardness score of 10, diamond is the hardest gemstone. In fact, diamond is 58 times harder than anything found in nature. It can be cut in many different shapes to show off its beautiful sparkle, and diamond jewelry is the most classic, elegant gift one can give. 

April Birthstone - Custom Diamond Stud Earrings
Custom Diamond Stud Earrings

What is the history of diamond jewelry?

Diamond is pure carbon that pressure formed into a gemstone 100 miles under the earth. Some sources say diamonds were used in trade in India as early as the fourth century BC. By the 15th century, diamonds had found their way through trade routes to medieval Europe in Venice, and the elite began to accessorize with diamonds. 

As India's diamond sources began to decline, Brazil emerged as a source throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. In the late 1800s, large deposits were discovered in South Africa parallel to the increase in worldwide demand, but now, Russia and Canada are the main producers of natural diamonds in the world. 

April Birthstone - Marquise Diamond Halo Pendant

Marquise Diamond Halo Pendant

In the last few years, lab created diamonds have become extremely popular because they are chemically, optically, and physically identical to natural diamonds. This means they have the same durability and if the lab diamond is sourced from a quality vendor, you cannot spot the difference between natural and lab diamonds. Lab created diamonds are usually about 20-40% more affordable and they are graded on the same scales as natural diamonds. 

If you want a stone with more color, make sure you look into fancy colored diamonds!

April Birthstone - Custom Solitaire Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Solitaire Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

What does diamond symbolize?

Diamond gemstones symbolize strength and perseverance. Diamonds have been worn to war for centuries and since they are the strongest material in nature, they symbolize staying strong through all trials and tribulations. 

Diamonds have also been considered the gem of love. This comes from the ancient Romans, who believed Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds. Now, diamonds are the most popular gem given in marriage proposals, wedding rings, and anniversaries. 

April Birthstone - Custom Diamond Pendant
Custom Diamond Pendant

Diamond Jewelry Birthstone Gifts

Here are just a few ideas for April birthstone gifts. Remember, you can customize any piece on our website, or request to use lab diamonds. This is the beauty of custom design!

All Diamond Gifts

Design Your Own Jewelry

April Birthstone - Natural or Lab Stud Earrings
Natural or Lab Stud Earrings


April Birthstone - Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings


April Birthstone - Custom Diamond And Hand Engraved Wedding Band
Custom Diamond And Hand Engraved Wedding Band

Source: Gemological Institute of America

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