Morganite Stud Earrings

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Earring Description

These beautiful stud earrings feature round, checkerboard cut morganite bezel set in rose gold, with accents of filigree and milgrain beading on the ornate baskets behind the stones. They are a wonderful example of the ways various materials and features can be combined to produce a unique look, and our team will work with you to customize them and make them your own. Design Your Own Earrings

Morganite Centers

At the center of each earring in this set is a round morganite that’s bezel set in 14k rose gold. The near-perfect match in terms of the coloration between the two materials helps to enhance the beauty of both, while the warmer shine of the metal complements the brilliant sparkle of the stone wonderfully.

The two morganites together total 1.50 carats, and they’re both round checkerboard cuts. That name comes from the way the facets on the top surface of the stones are arranged because it creates a pattern of dark and light squares that alternate as the stone is viewed from different angles. It’s a feature that adds a dynamic element to the design, and it helps to intensify the sparkle of the morganites. Earrings

Filigree and Milgrain

Behind the stones, a filigree basket provides protection while also allowing in plenty of light. Larger spaces in the filigree are filled with decorative beading, while smaller lines of milgrain outline the shapes and continue up to line the margins of the bezel settings holding the stones. These touches combine with the lovely colors of the metal and the morganites to create a decidedly vintage feel for the set. 100% Satisfaction

Gemstone and Metal Options

Customizing earrings like these may involve choosing different types of stones to add a personally-significant element to the piece, or changing the type of metal used to introduce some contrast. Eliminating the milgrain beading could help you nudge the design in a more contemporary direction if you so choose, and switching to an oval or pear-shaped stone rather than the round is worth considering as well.

Includes: Bezel, Gemstones, Filigree, Milgrain, Polished, Stud, Rose Gold, Morganite, Round, Color Gemstone, Morganite,


14k Rose Gold Earrings
2 Morganites - 1.50 ctw

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