Rhodolite Stud Earrings

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Earring Description

These elegant stud earrings feature round rhodolite bezel set in rose gold, with filigree baskets surrounding the backs of the stone, and milgrain detailing as accents. They offer a striking color combination, and the subtle intricacy of the design adds to the vintage overtones of the set. Design Your Own Earrings

You can work with our team to customize these on their own, or as part of a matching set that includes a pendant, a ring, or both. No matter what you choose, we’ll take the time to learn as much as we can about your style and feature preferences before we begin developing your unique design in CAD. You can view and request revisions on those models through the online workroom we’ll set up to manage your project, and we won’t turn things over to our expert artisans to begin production until we’re sure every detail is perfect. 100% Satisfaction

Rhodolite Centers

The only gemstones in this ring are two round rhodolite, and they’re bezel set in 14k rose gold. The two stones together combine to total 1.90 carats. The top of the rhodolite are shaped by a particular placement of facets that produces a checkerboard pattern, and that adds to the richness and glamor of the design. The deep pink of the stones is also complemented nicely by the warmth of the rose gold that surrounds them. Earrings

Filigree and Milgrain Accents

On the sides of the earrings, filigree baskets protect the backs of the stones, and they add some intricate detailing while also leaving ample space for light to reach the rhodolite from behind. The pattern of the filigree is enhanced by milgrain beading that lines its margins, as well as the decorative beading that fills the larger spaces. Milgrain also runs along the top of the bezel settings holding the rhodolite, helping to reinforce the vintage overtones developed throughout the set.

Includes: Bezel, Gemstones, Filigree, Milgrain, Polished, Stud, Rose Gold, Round, Color Gemstone,


14k Rose Gold Earrings
2 Rhodolites - 1.90 ctw

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