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Jewelry Repair Service in Seattle & Bellevue

Breathe New Life into Your Beloved Jewelry at Joseph Jewelry

At Joseph Jewelry, we understand the sentimental value your jewelry holds. That's why we offer expert repairs and restorations for all your treasured pieces, from everyday wearables to cherished heirlooms.

Our team of master jewelers boasts a wealth of experience, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. This ensures the most effective and delicate care for your jewelry, whether it's a simple ring resizing or a complete restoration of a vintage treasure.

We specialize in:

• Expert Repairs: From replacing watch batteries to rebuilding delicate prongs, we handle everything with the utmost care.
• Laser Welding: Our state-of-the-art laser technology allows for safe and efficient repairs on even the most heat-sensitive gemstones.
• Restoring Heirlooms: We can breathe new life into your family heirlooms, from reshanking a well-loved wedding band to meticulously refreshing faded engravings.

Your jewelry tells your story, and we're here to help it continue. We offer a range of services to celebrate life's milestones, like resizing a wedding band or adding a birthstone to a family ring.

Let Joseph Jewelry, conveniently located in Seattle and Bellevue, be your trusted partner in preserving your cherished jewelry for generations to come. Visit us today!

Before - Ring Restoration
After - Ring Restoration

Antique Restoration

Restoring Heirlooms: Preserving Your Family's Legacy

While jewelry repair focuses on maintaining the functionality and beauty of your everyday pieces, restoring family heirlooms requires a deeper level of expertise and care. At Joseph Jewelry, we understand the sentimental value these treasures hold. Our master jewelers possess the dedication, patience, and experience in old-world techniques necessary to meticulously restore your heirlooms to their former glory.

We specialize in:

Matching Worn or Missing Details: Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and computer-aided design (CAD) programs, we can replicate intricate filigree, recreate settings worn from generations of love, or even construct a new clasp for a cherished antique piece.
Safe and Secure Repairs: Our state-of-the-art laser welding technology allows us to safely rebuild delicate heirloom pieces without damaging the surrounding materials.
Meticulous Embellishment Restoration: Our skilled hand engraver can meticulously reproduce the original embellishments and details that make your antique jewelry truly unique.

We utilize every aspect of our combined skills and resources to ensure your heirlooms receive the specialized care they deserve, allowing future generations to cherish them for years to come.

Before - Side Stone Replace
After - Side Stone Replace
Before - Ring Repair
After - Ring Repair
Before - Earring Repair
After - Earring Repair
Before - Necklace Restring
After - Necklace Restring
Before - Jewelry Redesign
After - Jewelry Redesign